To Love Too Late

Found in the archives from May 2004


You lay here beside me, yet so far away.

The distance between us grows bigger each day.

Every moment, each thought, is of us together.

But slowly I realize you’ve let go of my tether…

Floating, I’m lost. Not quite up. Not quite down.

I feel my heart breaking, not making a sound.


I long to just hold you. Touch my hands to your face.

To tell you I LOVE you!!!

The wrong time, the wrong place.

I can’t stop these feelings…to turn off my heart.

I look in your eyes and my world falls apart.


I’m better than this! I can be JUST a friend! 
But I can’t tell myself this is really the end.

So, I smile and I laugh so you think I’m alright.

In my dreams, in the dark, your face haunts me at night.

How do I learn to be whole all alone??

You’ve been half of my heart for as long as I’ve know.

The pain I have caused…the mistakes I have made!

NOW is the time that it all is repaid.


Now for the first time, I see my true fate:

                               To know what love is…and to find it too late.



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