Such a Love

Also from archives September 2005


Standing before you my mind keeps colliding, with all of the love I try hard to keep hiding.

Showing you only the parts that you see. If you saw in my heart, how scared would you be???

A breeze in my soul with each breath that you take. The glow in your eyes makes me tremble and shake.

The air on my skin is warmed just by your presence; as if you embodied the SUN in it’s essence. 

Your smile destroys me. Do I stand a chance?? My blood, it start racing from only one glance.

With you, is forever. My pulse marks the time. I can hear every second tick by in the mind.

Drumbeats of agony strike in my heart at the thought that some day this sweet love would depart.

Such a powerful love, at once thunder AND lightning. The strength of such love is both wondrous AND frightening.


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