I wake suddenly, with the clarity of knowledge that I have forgotten to do something. That I have missed out on something. That I should have gone down the “other path in the wood.” I don’t mean the big life choice fork in the road. Something, that at the time seemed smaller, more insignificant, but that would have led to so much more.

Deeper relationships; less isolation; better understanding and acceptance of me and by me, for all that surround or touch this life I live.    

In my sleeping mind it has substance. I know it’s name and I can see…I can know.    

Awake I am restless and I feel loss and longing for something that remains a mystery to my heart.

I feel the ache of missing, that which I can not even name…



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2 responses to “missing

  1. shauri3

    It must be going around. I’ve been feeling holey lately too. Hug!

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