Sorry if I offend…

Where is God? Is He in a building in the town because it bears a cross upon it’s roof?

Is He in the repetition of words with a priest because it is called a prayer?

Is He in the pages of a book because we are taught the stories and phrases to repeat from birth?

Is He in the incense burned, the candles lit, the flowers arranged or the beads counted?

Is He in the offering plate publicly passed down the pews in front of your neighbors and friends?

Is He in the people that knock on your door and trap you in the opening to tell you what to believe in?

Is He in the ritual and diplomacy and the “Christian duty” that we see every Sunday?

Is He in the rug that is knelt on 5 times a day to pray as one must because that is the way?

Is He in that person that pretends to care, is the first to shake my hand, but when the need is great, does nothing to help?

Is He in the name that He is called and then isn’t there if you should call the wrong name?

I cannot answer these, for I am only me. And perhaps to many, He is in those places as they apply to each person individually, but this is what I do know….

He is in the sun when it rises and then in the dark of night when it sets.

He is in the air that I breath and the rain when it falls.

He is in art both great and small and rides upon music when it is made.

He is in spontaneous laughter, the kind that catches even you off guard, when it passes your lips.

He is in the pain that we feel and also the strength that brings us through.

He is everywhere and no where just as you need.

He is whatever name you choose to call him, as long as you call him.

He is in any building that you pray to him; from shack to house to designated “place of worship”.

I don’t need the right time of day, the right gender, the right building, the right book, the right clothes, the right color of skin, the right words or language to pray and honor God and to rejoice in the life that I am given.

If you know God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Brahma, Vishnu, Krishna, Mother Earth, and many more I have yet to know, you need never ask where He is….

I am IN God. God is IN me.


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