Burning Bright

I try so very hard to burn so very bright and to prove my strengths and overcome my fears and weaknesses.

Reaching out to touch the stars themselves, longing to bask in the Milky Way does not change the reality of what I CAN do, what I CAN’T do and even the things I shouldn’t be trying so hard to do. Getting to know ones limits is an ever-changing and elusive thing, that must be challenged and acknowledged time and time again. Accepting ones limitations without judgement and without blame is a kind of strength and courage that many have yet to ever know and many more will never be able to achieve themselves.

The difference, comes in knowing that accepting all that you can not do, is NOT a show of weakness, but is truly a show of courage. It is a declaration that you know your true worth without these achievements. To be setting new goals at the very moment that you are “failing” to meet your last, shows a strength and determination that could never be found in a weak soul or a defeated heart.

It takes amazing resilience to constantly imagine your life in a different way. To always at a moments notice be ready to realign the very path your life will take, for the sole reason that you will NOT give up and that you will not give in to that which you can not control. That you will adapt and grow and make it to be as if the plan was your very own from the beginning of all that was possible in this world.

Most people may have to course adjust like this only a few pivotal moments in their lives…when they choose a career or a family; when they graduate college and head into the world; when a tragedy strikes unexpectedly or when a loved one gets sick or even dies. Then, there are those of us that make those kinds of adaptations and acceptances several times in one month, or a week or sometimes even within a single day. We make the hard choices and we take ownership of our lives and ourselves by making those choices the very best they can be within our own limitations. And more importantly perhaps, by still loving ourselves at the end of the day.

I have to say out loud to all who only see the failure in the action taken or not taken; who only see what wasn’t as it should have been or wasn’t the way it was planned to be…I have to say to them, that it takes courage and strength from deep within, to acknowledge/accept/let go/ and imagine a new path that still leads to happiness, all in that same space of time that you see only our failure. For us to have the vision to see a new way to be true to ourselves and to all those we love in a time of upheaval, disappointment and change, is to truly find peace within ourselves that is never shaken. It will always burn as bright as those stars that you once reached for…

Having boundaries does not mean that you stop dreaming big, daring to achieve the impossible or do the things you desire to do. It simply means that when it doesn’t happen the “right way” or the first time around, you will be the one planning a new way to the stars and not the one broken and defeated right back where they started.

And that my friends, is a fiercely empowering truth to understand.


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