Alone….lonely. What’s the difference??

alone, alone, alone…..

alone is not the same as lonely

alone can be quiet, peaceful and soothing

you can find joy in the silence

clarity of mind without all the chaos 

you can even find yourself without all the clutter of others around you.

There is something within each of us that cannot be found without truly being alone

accepting who you are, with no one to please and no expectations to satisfy.

I have already embraced alone. I have found comfort in the solitude and have long before now, lost my fears, by going deep within myself.

Finding who I really am now and who I want to be in the days to come….


But lonely can happen at any time…any where and without warning  

you can be in your house, alone, feeling the empty space like a void, a vacuum sucking away your very hopes and dreams…

you can be in a room full of people, the laughter, the warmth and still feel the ice cold shard of utter loneliness in the center of your heart…

where no one can see it but you.

you can be strong. you can be smart. you can beautiful, talented, popular, you can be loved by all those around you…… and still be lonely.

I am alone. But I am not lonely.

I am alone. But I am NOT lonely.

I am alone but not lonely. I am alone but not…. 

I am alone and I am lonely.

I am lonely.


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