shades of gray….

What is right, is not ALWAYS right. What is wrong is not ALWAYS wrong. What is right for you, may not and probably is not right for me. What I do that is right for me, is not wrong because you do it differently. I am not wrong because I am ME and not YOU. You are not right, just because you ARE you. Do we see a recurring theme here?? Good, then you’re finally catching on.

You may find it easier to live in a world of decisive, distinct slots that things fit neatly into, but I am not neat, and my shape definitely does NOT fit into a man-made slot that exists on this earth! Why do we judge but so finite and exacting terms? There are an infinite amount of possibilities, solutions and remedies that all might fix just one problem or issue in this world. That is amazing and should be a glorious and positive thing. Why do we rule these ideas and solutions out because we didn’t know they existed before? Because they didn’t come from where they “should have” or because someone chose to do it a different way than they “should have” and it worked! Why not rejoice in this success and be excited for a better way of doing things?

My life, in almost every way, has never fit comfortably into the “black” or the “white” of a given situation or choice or solution or healing remedy or lifestyle….does that make me wrong and you right?? Does that make my choice, my solutions, my remedies and my lifestyle wrong? or inferior? or poor quality just because it isn’t yours?? Let me say that part again because maybe that’s the part you don’t seem to understand. It isn’t YOURS. I may be happy by things that make you sad. I may enjoy what you find boring and tedious. I may loathe the things that you find exciting and hilarious. I may rejoice in things you find too small to waste your effort of celebration on….and that’s okay. I don’t want to be you. You shouldn’t want me to be either. I never could be no matter how hard you try. So if you are black and white, right and wrong, then we have a problem…

Because I am flawed, I am unique, I am glorious, I am damaged, I am strong, I am determined and I am weird.

I am gray….


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