The lost art of snail mail…

So I was writing out a couple of postcards this evening that have some amazing art on them I wanted to share with friends and I realized how rare it is for people to send each other postcards these days. Writing letters is also a dying practice it seems although people certainly write and email and type all the time the actual writing with a pen on a funny card or beautiful stationary. Getting that letter or card in the mail tucked amidst the junk mail and all the bills is always so uplifting! It can immediately brighten your day in a way unique only to the literally written word. Postcards are just the snail mail equivalent of a text message. Short, sweet, to the point and says Hi and I’m thinking of you with taking up alot of their time. Plus they get great pictures or art too!!

I love stationary. I always want to buy more even when I already have new sets. I love blank note cards with watercolor flowers or herbs on the front. I love vintage prints on cards or classic art from childhood books. I must force myself to go back through the stationary I have and pick what would be just right to mail to the person I’m going to be writing too and resist the urge to buy the new and beautiful ones I see everyday, especially on etsy (my I’m not spending money arch-nemesis these days)…..There is always one notecard or picture that is more appropriate for the intended receiver and is often just as important as what is written inside. Sometimes the stationary is the inspiration to write to that person because I want to send it to them more than I have something specific to tell them or share about. But I know when I receive a letter, the content isn’t even as important as the sharing and the connection and the act of reaching out…that’s what matters most.

So even if I am the last person, writing letters and sending them out into the void and I were to never get a response from anyone, I would still write. I would still want others to get something other than junk in the mail and to feel that connection even if only for the length of a postcard. 🙂


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  1. I really like this post. I too enjoy letter writing. Keeping it simple (postcard, small stationery), sometimes helps with just getting it in the mail and not making it into some big -delayed- project. Letter writing does seem to be a dying practice. Your friends are lucky to receive this bit of sunshine in their mailbox.

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